My First book of Amazing Alphabets

By (author): Compiled By ABH Editorial Team

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Letter recognition is an important step toward getting ready to read, and “My First Book of Lowercase Letters” infuses fun with a purpose into this ordinarily rote activity. With vibrant illustrations & adequate practice material, this book takes kids on an alphabet adventure. The layout and formating engages the kids and build their confidence as they practice essential writing skills.

This Amazing Alphabets Workbook is packed with fun learning activities for preschoolers. Tracing letters, for example, is an essential pre-writing step that moves kids toward recognizing the lowercase letters, putting the alphabet in order and completing colourful word-to-object lessons reinforces the idea that letters and words have meanings. This workbook is intended for preschool children ages 3 to 5.
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My First book of Amazing Alphabets
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  • Publisher - Angel Book House Private Limited\, India
  • Author 1 - Compiled By ABH Editorial Team
  • ISBN - 9789480122143
  • Language - Paperback
  • Binding - 96
  • Printing Type - 4 Colour
  • Classes - English Language Learning
  • Edition - 7.25 X 9.5
  • Publication Year - Nursery
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My First book of Amazing Alphabets

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