Joy Of Grammar Series (1 to 8)

By (author): Mathew Thomas

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Joy of Grammar is a unique carefully graded series, which covers all essential basics of English Grammar. The contents have been meticulously designed to achieve grammatically effective usage of language competency. The series aims to develop accurate verbal and written communicative skills based on the latest guidelines issued by the NCERT in its curriculum. Utmost care has been taken to ensure sound knowledge of the fundamental rules of grammar to the learners.

Grammar is the backbone of the language and language is the medium of communication which is supported by listening, speaking, reading and writing. These basic skills are explained in this child-friendly series and is strengthened with word file, word-search box, do you know, attractive illustrations, picture compositions, and short stories.
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  • Publisher - Angel Book House Private Limited\, India
  • Author 1 - Mathew Thomas
  • ISBN - 9788189807849
  • Language - English
  • Binding - English
  • Printing Type -
  • Classes - 4 Colour
  • Edition - Class 1
  • Publication Year - 1st Edition
  • Size - 84
  • Subject - 2018
  • Weight (grams) - 8.5 x 11 inches
  • Pages - English Language Learning

Joy Of Grammar Series (1 to 8)

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