Gaming with Mathematics Series (1 to 8)

By (author): Mathews K. Thomas

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Gaming with Mathematics Series - A, B, Class 1 to 8

About the book

The Gaming with Mathematics series is a hybrid series of Mathematics. We have followed the basic to advanced approach along with real-life examples for developing this series. The series is aligned with the recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Key Features of the Series

• Each chapter begins with a quick Recall of the previously learnt concepts

• Did You Know provides additional information related to the concept being taught

• Challenge contains questions to enhance thinking and problem-solving skills • Mental Maths include questions to check the understanding of the concepts

• In-text Exercises contain questions for practice after every section

• Remember lists-out the important points for a concept

• Time to Prove Myself includes a variety of questions for thorough practice after every 3-4 chapters

• Values of Life contains questions to inculcate moral values

• Quick Calculations provides time-saving shortcuts to solve a problem • Projects include tasks/activities for concept clarity

These EXTENDED RESOURCE books for teachers include the course overview, which states the purpose of the course; detailed lesson plans; the learning objectives; the methods and materials used; the course length and time guidelines; and the evaluation plan. There are extra worksheets for checking the understanding of the children’s theoretical knowledge. We have also included ppts, and answer guides for different classes to help the teachers as well as students. 

The series consists of a "Let’s Know Kit" that conveys vital and interesting information about the prestigious awards given in the field of mathematics and their winners; the greatest ever mathematicians, including female mathematicians and Indian mathematicians; in particular, a brief introduction to Vedic Mathematics—its formulae and links to videos to learn the shortcut tricks online.

Below is the summary of digital resources which are specifically developed for Gaming with Mathematics (Class 1-8) as per school requirements:

1.    Extra Worksheets

2.    PPTs for more concept clarity

3.    Teacher Manuals

4.    Answer guides for higher classes

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Gaming with Mathematics Series (1 to 8)

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